A redhead, her husband, and rescue dog sail around the planet🌎 in their recently restored Manta Catamaran!

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We reformatted our blog and we have a ton of updates to finish. We hope you have a wonderful time, and enjoy our adventures! πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°β›΅

Captain Adam, Ginger, and Brunodog!


  • Getting settled…for a bit….
    We were glad to dodge Hurricane Ian. And, now that it is over we can focus on doing our Battery πŸ”‹ upgrade, and new solar panels. We did some repairs to the Geo Tracker (which we will ship to the next island or sell it for a profit). Dressed up for Halloween, and the toga […]
  • Hurricane Ian
    We are fine by the way! Hurricane Ian kept moving East and we made the decision to hide in a hotel in Miami. Bikini Bottom is insured and we took all of the correct steps to make sure the boat would be safe while we were gone. Thanks to Joanne and Travis from Calico Jacks […]
  • Key West….finally get to relax!
    So, it’s been a busy month. We had to prepare for our survey inspection of the boat for the insurance company. All went well. We hauled Bikini Bottom out of the water again after 1 year. Everything looked good and the 5 coats of Odyssey 60 bottom paint and Propspeed are holding up well. We […]
  • “Ships in the harbor are safe but, that’s not what ships were built for.”
    Is it really March? That means that we have to scramble to get ready for our annual survey. The surveyor will inspect Bikini Bottom from stem to stern and everywhere in between. He will then write a report for the insurance company to examine and help us determine what insurance coverage we will need. There […]
  • From the Archives: “SHH! I’m trying to use the phone!”
    As you can see, not all life at sea is fun and days at the dog park. Somebody has to pay bills for the dock rent and dog chow. So, until the blog goes viral, our lottery tickets become all winners, or corporate sponsors pay us to go sailing…. Mommy Dog has to stroke the […]

One of our favorite artists to listen to while sailing : The Polish Ambassador πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± πŸ™

Hurricane prepping is hard work!
Brunodog is always ready!

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