Do you do all of your own work?

Yes, except for the stuff that is really nasty or cheaper to pay someone else. For the record, Adam did the engine swap over a period of 5 weeks. We basically gutted the whole boat and started from scratch. New engines, saildrives, props, rope cutters, bottom paint, Propspeed, though hulls, plumbing, raw water hoses, strainers, custom engine mounts from 6061 aluminum flat stock, and the … Continue reading Do you do all of your own work?

“Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese -toasted, mostly”

We have waited, waited some more, waited again, and again, while continuing to wait, only to wait again….finally to only be delayed by Covid-19 🦠, a container ship 🚢 stuck in the Suez Canal, and…..then we stalked, tracked, calculated, surmised, and timed the arrival of The NYK Meteor to it’s port. Today is a grand, delightful, wonderful, happy, joyous, triumph, marvelous, spectacular day! The container … Continue reading “Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese -toasted, mostly”

“There is always a bigger fish!”

As we are waiting for the engines to arrive on the container ship 🚢…We have been doing all of the important projects to make it an easy process for our Diesel Mechanic Sean.👨‍🔧 We had to take time out and write this quick post. We had our boat neighbor tell us that there were 2 giant Goliath Groupers 🐟 under our boat the other night. … Continue reading “There is always a bigger fish!”