Key West….finally get to relax!

So, it’s been a busy month. We had to prepare for our survey inspection of the boat for the insurance company. All went well. We hauled Bikini Bottom out of the water again after 1 year. Everything looked good and the 5 coats of Odyssey 60 bottom paint and Propspeed are holding up well.

We upgraded our camera as you can tell by this set of photos. 128 mega pixels make a huge difference!

The interior of the captain’s quarters is finally done. We used original, vintage, 1993 Versace starfish fabric, which matches my dresses, and the rest of the boat. The zincs were changed by our diver, Jason. And, our friend Kevin got a free sailing trip for our out of water inspection at Robbie’s.

We are going to continue to enjoy Key West for a bit. We will be doing a reformat of the blog soon. We will have more time to go sailing and probably follow Captain Rick on our sister Manta Catamaran to the Dry Tortugas one day soon. Hope you continue to tune in!

Bruno says hi! We are all doing well! 😘👍⛵️

2 thoughts on “Key West….finally get to relax!

  1. Really enjoyed reading all the post. It looks y’all are having a blast in life now. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see all the pics

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