From the Archives : Setting Sail and Chaos!

A lot of motoring due to the 15 knot headwind in the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway).
So, we’ll start with our first ad. Interlux featured our boat (Bikini Bottom) in their ad campaign for Trilux 33 anti fouling paint.
We left the Space Coast πŸš€ after stopping for some fuel and water at the refilling dock. Tom, Deb, Jessie, Mike(s), Dave, Kevin, and Frank all run a great marina in Titusville. It was a great port to stay while we were refitting the boat. Very dog πŸ• friendly too! β›΅
Bruno was excited to go too. He had his tennis ball, duck, and squeeky pig ready too.
We were really ready to go. We left a day early to beat the possibility of bad weather. The wind from Hurricane Delta was pushing the wind from the south. Which meant firing up the Diesel engines and motoring for this trip.
For those of you wondering…that is the “poop-deck” and Bruno is finally learning to use it. πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
It was a warm day and we opened all the hatches and portholes to let the breeze in.πŸ’¨
Oh, the nice thing about getting an early start, is that the jerks who drive their sportfishing boats 3 feet off your bow at 30 knots aren’t out yet.

Fishing boat named “Birdie”…YOU owe us 2 Star Wars glasses and a Swarovski crystal picture frame that were broken by your wake.

We take PayPal .
Bruno got a lot of dog treats on this day.
New gauges worked well…still have some work to do on the electronics. We will get that sorted. ⚑⚑⚑
It got late in the day, and judging by the expression on the dog’s face, we decided to find a place to anchor for the night. We made it as far as Micco and there was a great anchorage near a small island. We skipped that and were greedy to find a better one. πŸ™„
We kept motoring and knew that dusk was upon us. The channel is narrow for our 40′ long boat that is 21′ wide.
It got dark out and we found a place to anchor. We drifted afterwords into a sandbar and had to move. This was not an ideal place. We fired up the grill and had cheeseburgers for a 9 pm dinner.πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” And, finally decided to sleep.
Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!
At 3:05 am, our Sail Safe anchor warning app beeped loudly to let us know that the wind had changed and the boat’s anchor had drifted in the muck below us. We moved 120 feet past the channel marker piling that was our point of reference.
This happened twice before we decided to start the engines and drag the anchor in reverse as far as we could get it into the black slime surface below the water. We used the anchor light on this sailboat nearby to see if we would continue to drift.
We didn’t see the name on the boat. But, whomever you are near Micco, Fl….thanks for leaving your anchor light on. As you should, this way you don’t get run over in the middle of the night. We left our foredeck light on too to be safe.
Crisis averted, we were rewarded with a nice sunrise and a rainbow that became two.
“double rainbow”
We now know the secret location of Lucky Charms cereal. πŸ€
We motored south. Taking our time and beeping our 170 decible train horn at the sportfishing boats and drunk pontoon boats owners who got too close. The bridge operators loved hearing it from a mile back, when we needed permission to go through a drawbridge.
Adam had me use the binoculars to check the bridge heights before we passed under them. The water table has been higher in the ICW since Hurricane Teddy was near. If you don’t already know….I love 80’s and 90’s fashion. πŸ‘™
It got later in the day and somebody didn’t use enough sunblock .
We arrived at one of our favorite sites! As you can see…near the Vero Beach Inlet, the sea water mixes with the Indian River and creates two different colors of blue.
We jokingly say that this is the line where the cost of dock rent at the marinas goes up! πŸ—Ώ
Now in clear blue water again! We knew we were in the home stretch. πŸ’§
Wabasso was surprising. We always had the notion that is was a redneck, farming, backwoods, remote community. We were wrong. It had a lot of stucco box mcmansions on the water with rich rednecks living there. Lots of bass boats 🚀 and the cast of Duck Dynasty living there. 🀣
We finally made it to our destination near Stuart, Fl. We have Macks Sails doing the rigging next week. They already have the cables built. We were glad to get a break after 20 hours on the water.
We treated ourselves to a good meal at the marina restaurant. Bruno πŸ• was happy to poop πŸ’© on land again.
Oh yeah, we decided to hang on to the car for a bit longer and have to fetch it. The universe really tries to make it hard to escape the Matrix. Remember, “sailing is the most expensive way to go someplace for free.”
A parts donation from our Amazon Wishlist or a PayPal credit helps keep us going. And, is a good tax write off at the end of the year.
Thanks for reading this far. Hoped you enjoyed it! πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°β›΅

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