From the Archives: Bikini Bottom Drama…where it all began….

Why hello again! It has been a whirlwind of excitement here in Bikini Bottom. Through all of this excitement, I wanted to share my morning sunrise view to help ease all of this anxiety. The sunrises and sunsets have been beautiful through all of this Florida heat. This was taken the morning of my last day at my employment at an office. It reminded me how beautiful the morning is and that with new a day brings new opportunity. I look forward to the open water watching the sunrise and sunset.

We have had some visitors to our floating home. There are several dolphins and manatees that hang out by our boat. The dolphins use the wall next to out slot to push the fish together to eat them. The dolphins and manatees are huge! As you can see in the photos, the dolphins are very close to our boat. I just want to jump in and swim with them like I did in Ukraine!

Bikini Bottom is definitely fighting us a little. Could it be that we haven’t gotten the name taken off. It isn’t like we have tried to get the name off ourselves. We spent an entire day on our $9 dollar raft grinding and peeling. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. As you can see, it was a battle that I didn’t win.

We have been battling the engine issue as well so it will quit over heating. We discovered the heat exchanger was leaking as it was rusted. It was pulling in salt water which it shouldn’t be doing. We pulled the exchanger off and had it repaired at the radiator shop. All new parts and rubber caps, new water pump, new gasket thingys will be added when rebuilding. There was a finger bite involved which the angry word of YAHTZEE was heard throughout the boat. I have learned a lot about how the moter is cooled utilizing salt water. I find it fascinating actually and enjoy holding the flashlight during these adventures. Only one more part is needed which is in the mail from Belgium and we will put it back together. After the first engine is functioning then we have change a plug that’s leaking on the other and we should be ready to venture out into the Indian River lagoon.

We celebrated 4th of July with prime seats on our boat for the firework show! The marina next door hosts all of the fireworks and we had the best view!

Now that you are all caught up on the boat side, we are still moving forward with the house side. Estate sale is the big hurdle and downgrading all of our stuff. Now that I have an awesome view with an awesome job (see below😍), I can tackle our list of things that need to be done. Until the next crazy Bikini Bottom drama….enjoy my new office view.

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