From the lost archives, Bruno’s origin story!

Bruno came to us at a time we needed him most. While working, my husband was adopted by Bruno the moment they met. Bruno was living on the streets eating garbage, sleeping in a pile of junk, and chasing cats in the dark alleys of Orange Blossom Trail. He escaped the abusive owners and found shelter near a junkyard nearby my husband’s old office. Rumor around the yard was there was “a red nose pitbull running around with a chain welded around his neck.” The yard guys were able to locate him, cut the chain off and ultimately gave him the name Bruno.

Hungry, scared, nervous, depressed, covered in fleas and dog bites, and malnourished, Bruno met the Captain and it became instant love. Bruno walked up to the Captain and snuggled into his lap. Bruno adopted us!

A phone call came asking to keep the dog, and of course I couldn’t deny it. Both the Captain and I were greiving from the loss of our 13 year old rednose pitty earlier the previous day. It was a sign from the universe, that not only were we being adopted but, that we needed Bruno’s love to heal.

The Captain loaded Bruno into our ’72 Plymouth Gold Duster and brought him home. He was given food and waited outside until I got home.

I met Bruno, he was gentle, kind, and curious, but, knew trust was something not known on the streets. We brought him in. He needed a bath but, was terrified of water. Bruno let us give him a bath. He knew we were there to help, and allowed us to scrub him. The look of enjoyment was all over his face. He was clean!

Bruno did not know how to bark. It took us about 6 months to teach him how. He became a member of our pack, and now he has a loving family.

Bruno hit the dog lotto! As we transition into boat life, it should be known that Bruno hates water, and he is terrified of the hose, he can’t swim, is a sinker. So far he likes being on board!

He is the rag dog that became the rich dog! Rich with love, support, and of course, adventure. I mean, not a lot of dogs get to sail around the world!

Bruno is now the guard dog of Bikini Bottom!