“Hopefully somebody doesn’t drop a house on you!”

“So, how is your trip to Key West going?”🏖

“We stopped some illegal lobster 🦞 fishing. Got attacked by a wayward dinghy at 4 am. A waterspout🌪dropped out of the sky and chased everyone in the mooring field. And, we managed to get dinner and drinks at Sloppy Joe’s. How are you doing? ” 🐬

So, here are our videos that we posted to Twitter of the waterspout that attacked the Garrison Bight mooring field yesterday. We were lucky that there was no damages to Bikini Bottom!⛵

Click the pic.twitter link to view each below. Ignore the tags. We will add videos to the blog later.

In other news, we stopped bad guys from poaching undersized lobsters 🦞 and fishing for blacklisted or illegal fish 🐡!

And, a Thanks to FWC for investigating our complaint about how many crab traps were in Hawks Channel. The bad guys got caught! The Miami Herald did a nice article about the arrests. Glad we could make a difference! 🦞🦀🦞🦀🦞🦀🦞

We also had a John-boat attack us at 4 am the other night. We called the Coast Guard and reported the wayward boat. The outboard motor was banging on the underside of our hull as the waves crashed in. We were shocked to see a boat under our boat when we opened the escape hatch.

Captain Adam feared the worst and thought that there might be somebody hurt or dead within the boat. He yelled to see if anyone was in it. We added a bit of water to the bow of the boat to get it to pass under our boat. Adam tied a dockline to the outboard engine as it came out the stern of our Catamaran. The John-boat rolled over and separated from its engine.

It began heading towards “Tide Pod” another boat moored near us. We blew our train horn 5 times, and then 5 times again to alert the owner of Tide Pod. They woke up and grabbed the John-boat as it passed near their craft.

Ultimately, this was a rogue dingy that had escaped from its rope. The owner got our contact information from the Coast Guard and was able to recover his boat and engine. Another exciting day on Bikini Bottom!

We will continue to enjoy Key West and all it has to offer. Thanks for tuning in….Hit the subscribe button and enter your email if you wish to continue reading this blog! You can find the box with the Sea Dog posts!

Yes, that is the Hunter’s Moon at 5 am!
Dog Island Bar is a great place to bring your best friends. Bruno enjoy his roasted chicken, and he got to bark at the roosters and pigeons outside! Friendly staff too!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our next adventure! (Probably just a trip to the lighthouse)

One thought on ““Hopefully somebody doesn’t drop a house on you!”

  1. Thank you guys for helping catch those poachers! Nothing get me more riled up than people decemating protected species for money. I hope the felony charges stick and their fishing careers are ended!
    And congrats on living your dream!

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