Ocean trials are a success!

Today we took Bikini Bottom from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. Sailed at 6 knots on a beam reach most of the trip. We are in a safe harbor for the evening. Thought we would share the video! No motors! All wind today!

We will upload some more videos soon.

Also, a special thanks to Las Olas Marina for their hospitality while we were there.

4 thoughts on “Ocean trials are a success!

  1. So happy things went well! 6 knots?? Where did you find the wind? We can’t seem to get more than 3 knots but then again maybe that’s because we don’t know what we’re doing lmao. Las Olas is definitely my favorite marina that we’ve been to, glad you guys had a great experience there as well.

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    1. The trick is trimming the sails and using your tell tail strings and wind instruments. Our Manta is a fast, lightweight cat, 13,000 lbs dry. There is a 2 knot southerly currently about a mile offshore. Go beyond 3 miles and the Gulfstream pushes against you at 5 knots. Practice and patience pay off. Adam was a boyscout and learned how to sail. I just throw my hands in the air and scream like Chewbacca until whatever has defeated me has been fixed!

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