And we’re off!

So we did a pitstop in West Palm Beach. We had some cake decorating to do and fix some small things that we missed. And, catch up on sleep!
Pretty! 🀩
We have a spare Jib sail that we need to sell. It is in excellent shape and will fit most cats and a Manta. $1300.
The new anchor light went out during the rain storm the other night. It will have to be rewired. Looking for a good rigger in the Miami area fyi…
Captain Adam got the new AC units from Gulf Nautical installed. He added a new Clarion stereo that he was saving from one of the muscle cars. The boat is now ice cold!

These guys do solar, batteries, AC, and 80 other things. If you are looking to upgrade anything electrical on your boat. Try them out. We love our new AC systems!

We also have to thank our friend Mike from Montreal for giving us a good price for our new life raft! We can now go offshore and feel safe!
We are going to eventually replace our batteries for lithium ones. But, Prime Golf Carts in Riviera Beach had such a great deal on Trojan T105 225AH batteries that we bought 4 of them at $159 ea!

P.S. We are always looking for new gadgets, sailing tools, and gizmos to try. If you or your corporate entity wishes to sponsor or give a product to us to try out. Please send us an email to “Your company’s name would look beautiful in vinyl on the side of our boat or on the sails!” (We need a new main sail and code zero!)


Ginger, Captain Adam, and Brunodog 😜

2 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. Update, anchor light was hit by an EMP burst from lightning. The heatsink acted like a Faraday cage and protected us from further damage. We changed the bulb and wire to be safe. Everything appears to be functioning properly now. βš‘πŸŒ©β›ˆβš‘πŸŒ©β›ˆ


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