Set Sail!

We did it! 2 new engines, 2 saildrives, 2 props, 2 rope cutters, auto pilot bracket, adjusted the steering, 4 coats of Odyssey 60 bottom paint, Glidecoat all over the whole boat, lots of electrical work, and no sleep for 6 weeks straight. We sail south after sea trials and making sure there are no other leaks, squeeks, creaks, or bleeps!

Notice the other Manta Cats, their owners are great people, and were a good source of information while we had the boat ripped apart. Thanks again to them!

Sean and his crew from Marine Enterprises Ltd. in Dorset, England provided us with the new Volvo engines and parts. Great job guys! Even with Covid-19, Brexit, and the Suez Canal delay, they still made it happen! Well done!

Thanks to Harbor Town in Fort Pierce and Shearwater Marine for helping us get everything sorted. We would have been lost without them. Wade, Lewis, Stephanie, and crew are awesome here. Great work folks!

Next blog…..posted from someplace cool! 😎Not the marina or boatyard! (We will mention all of our great vendors and people who helped out though)….. We are pooped 💩 from all of the work!

We have new air conditioners going in soon too. We plan on mentioning our friend Andre from Gulf Nautical, and our AC upgrade! ❄️

But, for now….. sleep……we can’t even move from the heat and all the physical labor that has been done! 🔧🔩🛠️⚙️👩‍🔧


DONE. For now….😴

5 thoughts on “Set Sail!

    1. Oh, it has been since October 8th since we had the engine failure. We can emphatically say, don’t ever let the insurance company try to roll over you and deny your claim. Especially when the evidence is documented and you pay your premiums on top and upfront. We are just happy to get back to where we were and get going.


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