“Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese -toasted, mostly”

We have waited, waited some more, waited again, and again, while continuing to wait, only to wait again….finally to only be delayed by Covid-19 🦠, a container ship 🚢 stuck in the Suez Canal, and…..then we stalked, tracked, calculated, surmised, and timed the arrival of The NYK Meteor to it’s port.

Today is a grand, delightful, wonderful, happy, joyous, triumph, marvelous, spectacular day! The container ship 🚢 has reached port and in theory, our new engines are being loaded onto to the boat. In 12 days time, all of this waiting WILL be done!

So, in the interest of safety 🦺, we are going to tow Bikini Bottom to the boatyard . All of our parts are gathered, which should make the engine swap pretty easy. We will try to use the GoPro for a time-lapsed video of the transformation.📷

A quick thanks to all of our vendors and sponsors. You know who you are and we will call you out on our “good people to do business with page” soon! 📄

Captain Adam 🏴‍☠️ had a mission to get all of the repairs done on most of the small systems on Bikini Bottom while we waited for the insurance company to settle our claim and then the transatlantic voyage of our engines. His latest project was replacing the bilge pumps and switches. 🐠

The first set of switches with black bezel and fancy chrome LED lights are garbage. We bought these online and they were both wired wrong from the factory. We needed a new solution at this point and a cold drink 🍺 after fighting them and testing why they didn’t work. We burned a whole day messing with a bad product.

Solution, Captain Adam 🏴‍☠️ makes his own bilge pump panel from scratch! We used switches, counters, alarms, and a reset switch from SPX Johnson Pumps. As you can see, it is a night and day difference. Lots of plastic was cut and math done to get everything to fit and work properly.🐬

We didn’t stop there…..we rewired everything, and replaced the bilge pumps with matching Johnson 2200 GPH pumps, magnetic level switches, and electronic high water alarms. (There is a school fire alarm🚨 bell in our electronics cabinet now!)🐙

Captain Adam 🏴‍☠️ wasn’t done. He removed the broken and leaking hatch over the Captain’s helm seat, and replaced it too. This was a good time to try out our new nut-sert tool. It allows you to pop-rivet a threaded insert to a hole. (Very cool!)

We also took the time to replace the batteries 🔋🔋🔋 in our EPIRB. What is that you ask? An EPIRB is a satellite 🛰️ tracked electronic device that shows the GPS location of your boat via a 406 megahertz frequency to rescue personal and other ships. It is a lifesaving device that should be on all boats that are offshore. (Captain Adam🏴‍☠️ is a qualified engineer, and if you are unsure of how to do this properly, take it to a professional. An accidental activation could cost you thousands of dollars, if you get it wrong 💰💰💰)🦈

So, this is our view while we wait impatiently for the cargo ship 🚢 to arrive. The adventures will begin again soon!!!!!


Please watch this when you get the time. It will change the way you view the world and the commercial fishing industry and the way you buy your food, clothes, and deal with plastic. 🐋🐬

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