“There is always a bigger fish!”

As we are waiting for the engines to arrive on the container ship 🚢…We have been doing all of the important projects to make it an easy process for our Diesel Mechanic Sean.👨‍🔧

We had to take time out and write this quick post. We had our boat neighbor tell us that there were 2 giant Goliath Groupers 🐟 under our boat the other night. We turned our underwater lights 💡 on last night and look what we saw!

This is Goliath and his mate Monstro was hiding in the shadows! They are approximately 4′ in length and about 250 lb! True river monsters! They were feeding on the large snook that like to gather under our boat at night. One of the hit the hull and really made a loud bang!

This was too good to hang on to. Check out the video below.

Hope you enjoyed this. We will have a YouTube channel, or something similar soon. 📺

There is a pink drone that is in the works. (Our flying pig, 🐷 Droney Baloney). And, much more to come.

We have a busy schedule and we will be doing sea trials with the new engines very soon! Stay tuned!⛵

Oh, Bruno says “Woof!”

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