“Just close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by.”

Well, our engines have found their way to the warehouse. We have been doing small projects to make the time pass.

Recently we got the “unofficial USCG certified Bikini Bottom life ring”.

Captain Adam installed a bracket for one of our tablets. We will use it for Aquamaps and other non-chartplotter maps.

The helm seat base was repainted, and all of the clutches for the running rigging are going to be replaced. The saildrives are going to get a coat of Propspeed and Glidecoat Ceramic Coating on the hull.

And, Bruno plays in the sand!

As soon as we get our parts, we will be heading south as fast as the wind will get us there! ⛵ We are ready to go!🙃

3 thoughts on ““Just close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by.”

  1. I’m much like you guys, passing the time doing small jobs waiting for the time to let go and sail off. All will happen very soon.
    Looking forward to hear more of your adventures.
    Take care

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  2. Hahaha! “Small jobs.” The Ginger has fantastic humor. My goodness, what a list! I once thought about buying an old shrimp trawler to liveaboard, but seeing all this work makes my lazy ass allergies get worked up.

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  3. – A note from Captain Adam ⛵

    Small jobs? 😂🤪😆😂🤪😂

    Here is a list from the survey of the findings that were listed and all have been repaired or replaced. Please see my attached notes below each statement from the surveyor.

    1. The original Lexan cabin door has been removed and is stowed on board. The replacement door is of thinner gauge Lexan and, apart from possessing less structural integrity than the original, appears to provide a less than weathertight seal when in the closed position. It is recommended that the original door be re-installed prior to sailing beyond protected coastal waters.

    /// Lexan door was swapped for the original by me. Latches were also fixed. ///

    2. The foredeck storage compartment hatches were found with their latches corroded and malfunctioning defeating their water/weathertight capability. The latches should be replaced with functioning components.

    /// Latches were repaired or swapped for spares that were on board by me. ///

    3. The masthead light (225 degree white light) was inoperative. In the ambient light it could not be determined whether the anchor light (360 degree white light) was illuminated. Repair/replace masthead light and verify proper operation of anchor light.

    /// Masthead light (steaming light), foredeck lamp, anchor light, and all navigation lamps have been replaced with SMD 3030 LED lighting. I rebuilt the Aqua Signal 41 Combo lamp with all new parts from West Marine. ///

    4. The vessel is equipped with sidelights (red/green 112.5 degree) that are rated for one nautical mile visibility and, according to 72 COLREGS, only suitable for vessels less than 12m (39.4’ in length). Recommend installing sidelights rated for two nautical mile visibility and vessels 12m or greater in length.

    /// All navigation lights are within USCG regulations, surveyor missed that they were Aqua Signal 41 lamps. LED lights have been added for extra safety too. These were bought from Amazon and installed by me. ///

    5. Install a vinyl coated wire lifeline arrangement vice the current synthetic line.

    /// Lifelines are scheduled to be replaced soon. Parts are on order. No regulation on material, was only a suggestion by the surveyor. ///

    6. It was noted that one of the retention bolts for the anchor roller assembly was sheared off. A visual inspection of the remaining portion of the bolt indicates it may have suffered from the effects of crevice corrosion. A visual inspection of the remaining bolts indicates potential corrosion issues (rust stains and/or active corrosion evident). The vessel is equipped with hull mounted anchor points and an anchor bridle intended to shift the anchor rode strain away from the anchor assembly and windlass, nevertheless, it is recommended the anchor roller assembly bolts be replaced.

    /// Bow roller has been replaced as well as all the broken mounting hardware. It was done with stainless steel and Delrin parts I bought from West Marine. I did this myself too. ///

    7. The starboard steering cable was noted to be corroded, recommend replacement, and cleaning/maintenance of the radial drive, see photo below.

    /// All steering cables, fittings, and conduit were replaced new with 7-19 stainless rope from Koch Brothers via Amazon. All new thimbles, swag fittings, and dog bone connectors as well via Amazon. The conduit was provided by Mako Hose in Pompano Beach with stainless steel bulkhead fittings to replace the worn out plastic ones. Jeff from Boater’s Edge did all of the repairs. The whole steering system is new and correct. ///

    8. The port engine exhaust hose was noted to impinge on the port steering radial drive, while no noticeable wear was evident on the hose, it should be configured so as not to contact any component of the steering system.

    /// This hose had a fitting that held it in place that had failed. We replaced to fitting with a stronger one from Home Depot. This was done while the steering cables were replaced. ///

    9. An accumulation of either dirt, albeit rust colored, or corrosion was noted in the lower swage fitting of the cap shroud, given that it was unknown if the cap shroud was original or not, it is recommended that, prior to anything other than near coastal sailing under reasonable conditions, a certified rigger inspect the standing rigging and repairs or replacement, as may be deemed necessary, are completed.

    /// This was dirt from freshwater running down the boat, it has been cleaned and treated with Never Wet. There was a rigging survey done by Macks Sails and noted that the rigging was replaced in 2014 and was in good shape. UPDATE ALL OF THE RIGGING WAS REPLACED 10/20 BY MACK SAILS///

    10. It was noted that the jib is missing two sail hanks for proper attachment to the forestay. A hank should be installed for each grommet.

    /// A new jib purchased and has all new hanks installed. ///

    11. Multiple conductors connected to a battery shall be installed with the highest ampacity conductor terminal closest to the battery, followed by successively smaller ampacity conductor terminals. (ABYC 10.8.4). It was noted that starboard engine start battery was not in compliance with this standard, see photo below item #12.

    /// All terminals have been moved and corrected by myself. ///

    12. It was noted that the terminal nut on the starboard engine start battery positive terminal was not able to fully seat due to the attached conductor terminals. Investigate further and remedy as necessary, see photo below.

    /// All terminals have been moved and corrected by myself. ///

    13. Boats equipped with AC and DC systems may have their distribution panelboards separate or combined, but constructed such that access to the DC system does not allow access to energized AC parts without further use of tools as required by ABYC standard 11.9.1. It was found that the combined AC/DC panel board can be opened solely with a latch and the A/C components are immediately accessible and adjacent to the DC components. To reduce the probability of electrocution, the A/C components should not be accessible without the further use of tools. It is recommended that a dielectric cover be installed over the AC components (it can be a simple plexi-glass panel, something that won’t act as a heat trap, but reduces the risk of inadvertent contact with current carrying AC components).

    /// This was only a suggestion, this cabinet is used for electrical only. I added a removable cover from Amazon. An extra vent will be added to the face of the cabinet shortly. As an engineer I deem this to be advisory. ///

    14. Wiring in the starboard hull, beneath the forward double bed, was found improperly supported and, potentially, improperly spliced. An approximate four foot length of cable was heavily wrapped in electrical tape with apparent splices. It was also noted that a section of adjacent hose is apparently burnt, potentially from an electrical short. It is recommended that an ABYC certified marine electrician inspect the wiring arrangement and any recommended repairs forthcoming be satisfied.

    /// This burnt wire was replaced and heat shrinked and done to code by myself. The exterior was burn from a failed bilge pump that was replaced by the previous boat owner.UPDATE,BOTH BILGE PUMPS ARE NOW NEW! Johnson Pumps ///

    15. A VHF radio check went unanswered, verify VHF is transmitting.

    /// There are 2 VHF radios on board and both work and transmit properly. A radio test was recently done and we received a report transmission from another marina 25 miles away. A handheld VHF has since been added///

    16. While the vessel meets the US Coast Guard mandated carriage requirements for fire extinguishers (two B-I extinguishers required), there is no evidence that the extinguishers have been serviced by a certified facility within the last 12 months as recommended by ABYC or is part of an in-house maintenance program conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The extinguishers should be either serviced by qualified facility or replaced (a less expensive proposition for B-I type extinguishers).

    /// All fire extinguishers are up to code and are in easy to reach locations. Galley, cockpit, port and starboard berths, engine rooms, and salon. These were on board and moved to proper locations. ///

    17. Post on board, in a prominent location, a discharge of garbage placard as required by Federal law.

    /// Placards are affixed to the hull on port and starboard sides. They are in each of the heads and were missed by the surveyor. ///


    Updates done:

    2009 Williams Turbo Jet dinghy purchased

    All sanitation hoses, V-valves, sending units, gauges, and wiring replaced for both port and starboard heads. Parts bought from West Marine and Amazon. Work done by Boater’s Edge .

    All new shower boxes, pumps, and hoses. Bought from Amazon and done by me.

    Engine hours gauges had a bad ground. I replaced the connectors with some on board.

    Bilge blowers had water in them, dried them out and replaced the hoses and clam shells.

    Man overboard bag has been added via Amazon.

    EPIRB was registered with NOAA.

    Safety equipment was in wet locker and missed by surveyor.

    All grounds have been isolated and connected together.

    All new USCG lifejackets were added via Amazon for all parties on board. Even Bruno the dog has one.

    All new Isotherm fridge, compressor, lines, digital controller, and cooling plate. Bought from Miami Boat Warehouse and done by me.

    All hoses and stainless clamps for just about all of the boat’s systems were replaced new via West Marine and installed by myself or Boater’s Edge.

    All new water pumps, thermostats, heat exchanger tank resealed on port side, rubber end caps, coolant sensors, gaskets, seals, and hardware. Full heat exchanger service done to the MD 2040 Diesels. Parts provided by Volvo of Ghent, Belgium. Done by me.

    All new zincs installed on each saildrive by Don Brown Diving.

    All new Issenglass windshield built and installed by Sea Greene of Orlando.

    All new salon seats, cushions, and settee cushions and covers replaced with new Versace material from Italy and installed by Sea Greene.

    All new cockpit seat cusions and vinyl covers replaced by Sea Greene.

    All new helm seat and mount. Replaced by me and seat ordered new from eBay. Gecko seat is a great upgrade for this boat.

    All new mattresses and spacers to prevent mold. Bought from Amazon and installed by Ginger.
    All new sink plumbing in the galley. Replaced by me with parts from Home Depot.

    All new ATV winches installed to load and unload the dinghy from the davit rack. Parts bought from Amazon and installed by me.

    All brand new Autometer fuel, water temp, and oil pressure gauges bought from Amazon and installed by me.

    All new Quick Prince DP3 windlass bought from Miami Boat Warehouse and installed by me.

    Rocna 25 anchor sent out to be blasted, zinc coated, and powdered coated by Lokey’s in Orlando. New 44lb stainless Danforth anchor installed

    All new 250′ stainless BBB anchor chain provided by Amazon and installed by me.

    All new aft AC control panel purchased from eBay and replaced by me.

    Rewired aft AC unit after finding short in harness.

    Replaced copper washer in injector on starboard engine. Injector was leaking. Work done by Boater’s Edge

    Full service done to both Diesel engines. Parts bought from Amazon and done by me.

    Full service done to dinghy by River Forest Marina in Stuart.

    Full systems test and fuels system cleaning to dinghy done by Boater’s Edge.

    Repair to leaky pcv system done on dinghy by me. Parts purchased from Ace Hardware.

    2 electric 12 volt fans replaced by me with parts from West Marine.

    All new decals and boat name installed on port, starboard, and transom. Decals purchased online and installed by me.

    All new dinghy registration decals purchased from Amazon and installed by me.

    All new smoke and CO detectors installed by me and purchased from Ace Hardware.

    I Replaced broken latches on Bomar hatches. Parts were on board.

    I Replaced Joker valves in electric heads. Parts from Amazon.

    All new Igloo ice maker purchased from Amazon and installed by me.

    SSB radio tested and works fine, it will be replaced for a smaller more modern unit.

    All new Magma BBQ Grill purchased from Amazon and mounting brackets and pine wood mounts made by me .

    All new Kicker wake tower speakers and 1000 watt Audiobahn amplifier purchased from eBay and installed by me.

    New Black and Decker coffee maker in galley via Amazon.

    Momo steering wheel and quick release purchased from eBay and installed on the dinghy by me.

    New water pump for both AC units purchased from Ebay and installed by me.

    New hoses for AC units purchased from Amazon and installed by me.

    All new docklines 5/8″ 3/4″ and a 6 inch 30,000 lb holding strap.

    I fixed the leak in the hot water heater with teflon tape.

    All new fridge and freezer seals from Grainger.

    New anti siphoning valves for holding tanks purchased from Amazon and installed by me.

    New Panda washing machine and dryer purchased from Amazon and installed by me.

    New Vixen 170 DB train horn, solenoids, and hoses. Bought from Vixen and installed by me.

    All new rear aft light bar installed on davit rack for better viability at night. Purchased from Amazon, installed by me.

    Removed parcel shelf in Captain’s stateroom. Replacing “Monkey Fur” with Versace starfish print fabric.

    New showerhead added from Ace Hardware and done by me.

    New water maker purchased parts from eBay and to built by me.

    Honda portable on board generator started and serviced by me. Parts from O’reillys.

    New bottom paint, Ultima SR60 and antifouling on props and saildrives.

    All new Johnson bilge pumps, alarms, counters, and wiring to be installed by me.

    All brand new rigging, running rigging installed by Mack Sails.

    New Volvo engines, saildrives, props, electronics, rope cutters, and hardware…….

    The boat is new at this point, we can go anywhere on the planet, and we will!


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